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The water that flows from your faucet arrives there after thorough treatment. The filtration process requires the knowledge of engineers and science professionals working diligently to ensure your water’s safety and quality. The filtration procedure can become complicated, but the graphic and text below are designed to give you a general understanding of how it works.
Water Filtration Process

Step 1:
Gathering and Coagulation
Once water has been gathered from its natural setting, it is brought to a treatment plant to undergo coagulation, a process that removes dirt and other particles in the water. Chemicals are added to the water to help those substances gather and stick together.
Step 2:
Once these particles are together in the water, they become heavy and sink to the bottom of a sediment tank. The clear water then moves further along the filtration process.
Step 3:
The water passes through filters that help remove even more dirt and particles.
Step 4:
For your health, small amounts of chlorine and other disinfectants are used to kill any bacteria or microorganisms that may be in the water.
Step 5:
Water is placed in a sanitary tank or reservoir for storage and any further sanitation. From there, the water flows through pipes to homes and businesses throughout the community.

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