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Water Facts

It’s amazing to think about how much water we use every day. Water is so much a part of our daily lives that we often take it for granted and don’t realize how much we use even in the smallest activities. Below is a list of the average amounts of water used in daily activities.

For information regarding water conservation, click here.

See if you know the answers to these water trivia questions!
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    At what temperature does water freeze?
    At what temperature does water vaporize?
    How long can a person live without water?
    How much of the earth’s surface is water?
    How much of your body is water?
    How much water does a human use daily?
    How much does one gallon of water weigh?
    How much water does it take to produce one ton of steel?
    How much water does it take to produce a day’s supply of newsprint?
    How many miles of pipeline are in the United States and Canada?
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